Auction Company Offers to Sell Unscrubbed Computers Back to San Benito Schools

Fernando Del Valle reports:

A San Benito school district online auction sold thousands of computers and tablets, some of which contained employees’ and students’ personal data, a computer store owner said Wednesday.

South Texas Auction Co.’s records show the district sold more than 2,000 computers and 1,500 tablets during a July 23 online auction, David Avila, co-owner of Brownsville-based RDA Technologies, said.

Avila said he bought about 700 district computers before discovering at least 11 hard drives contained district data including employees’ and students’ names, phone numbers, addresses, students’ grades and some bank account information.

Avila’s offering to sell them back 10 of the computers that contained district data plus 503 other computers  which he has not inspected, all for the bargain price of   $99,579.04 based on brands and models.

That figure does not seem to be what the district had in mind when it tried to buy the devices back.

And then there was also the problem of a nondisclosure agreement, which Avila is unwilling to sign.

So yes, this is a professional black eye for the district and the story isn’t over yet.

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