Austin dumpster diver finds A-list actors’ private info

Kris Betts reports:

A local security expert who occasionally moonlights as a dumpster diver found the personal information of several A-list celebrities during a swap meet.

“I was in LA and a guy was taking the boxes of scripts and getting ready to throw them away and I was like ‘Whoa, whoa what are those?'” said Matt Malone.

Malone lives in Austin but was in Los Angeles filming a pilot for a show about security. While there he bought the contents of two storage units.

Inside one of the storage units, he found a Rolodex full of the names and social securities from some of Hollywood’s biggest heavyweights.

Read more on KVUE, who does not report the original source/owner of the Rolodex or how it would up in the swap meet.

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