Australia: Atomic Search Hacked, Database leaked by @spexsec

@spexsec has leaked another websites database, this time targeting a registered Australian business website which provides SEO marketing and optimization, Atomic Search The leaked data contains a whole heap of public information as well as one administration account.

Hello binary world, We’re going to leak a database of a very successful australian web company, They were founded on the same year as Google, they developed deep experience and understanding of Search and its influence on cusumers. They bought companies and brands to life, by presenting online ideas and creations that they have dreamed, lived and breathed to the people they want to engage. They use unique insight, intelligence, and analysis to target consumers with relevant and meaningful messages that deliver measurable results and profitable outcomes…But, there was one thing which they forgot to do, they didn’t patched the variety of security holes on their website, and this company which I am talking about is, AtomicSearch.

The leaked data was uploaded to deposit files once again and contains a SQL file that totals 3mb.

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