Australian Attorney General Websites attacked for #OpFreeAssange

Julian_Assange_(Norway,_March_2010) This morning anonymous hacktivist have taken sights back towards Australian and as a result the Australian Attorney Generals website has been suffering outages and downtime this morning. Both sites for the Attorney General have come under the attack by the hacktivist who are using this as a way of gaining attention for julian assange, asdsgf The most recent attacks appear to come from twitter user @AnonymouSkY. > Anonymous SkY ‏@AnonymouSkY #Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to  #OpFreeAssange #Anonymous #DOWN www.­ag.­gov.­au Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to  #OpFreeAssange #FREE #ASSANGE

At time of publishing both sites still appeared ot be suffering issues from the attack.

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