Australian based Baby Care Advice web site hacked, Credentials leaked

baby-care-advice An Australian based Baby care advice website has become victim to hacker @JokerCracker who has been on a spree of attacks today. The website is and is a website that offers access to professionals who can help give advice to new mothers or mothers needing help with baby care. > All of our consultants are qualified and experienced child health nurses, hand picked for their dedication and passion in helping parents solve baby or child care problems. Most importantly, our consultants are all mothers who have experienced first hand many of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of raising children and understand just how challenging it can be at times.

The website is privately owned and operated by a fellow Australian and from the looks of the emails in the leaked data the people using the website are located all around the world including Australian. The leaked data was announced on twitter and posted to pastebin earlier today. > babycareadvice #Hacked #leak over 1000 users, pass by @jokercracker —> #RT ! — JokerCracker (@JokerCracker) January 20, 2013

The data contains user names, emails and clear text passwords which is very bad for security. All together 924 emails have been detected and archive on If your account has been breached i strongly advise you to change your passwords on any other services you may use. check for leak on the archive page.

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