Australian Company pays 3k Ransom to hackers has reported that an Australian based company have been at the center of a extortion case after hackers took control of their computer systems. The company which are located in Alice springs have spoken to the abc and stated that currently all services are offline and that they thought they had sufficient security to prevent this from happening in the first place. So far one of the companies TDC Refrigeration ( has succumb to the requests of the hackers and has paid the 3000 to them but has since still got no access to the system that was taken down. The company became aware of the attacks when they had turned their computers on and received a message stating they have been hacked and not long after they received an email stating that if they did not pay 3000 to the hackers they would infect their pc with child porn. The attacks have so far left the company unable to meet client needs so they have been loosing out while the police investigate these breaches, no doubt the investigation will go for weeks and amount to nothing. All company need to be aware that they do not have to pay these people and they should invest in security of their systems before this happens to them.

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