Australian hacker faces 49 charges for NBN hack and REFUSED BAIL

Australia, a big dust bowl with a few capitol cities and nice beaches…. and a government and law system much like its bigger brother America.David Cecil AKA Evil, from NSW south coast, has been charged with 49 charges and refused bail today, in orange local court.David has been accused of "having control" of 1 of the 12 NBN providers and the charges being layed are one count of an unauthorised change of data and 49 counts of accessing restricted data over his alleged incursions into Platform Networks.Police say the alleged attack did not have the potential to cause serious disruption to the $36 billion NBN, so the question is, why is David being held? what harm is he physical to anyone? I’m sure 20people got bail today that assaulted, robbed, or stole from some one? This is a huge put down to Australian government, Its purely wrong. The company, a NBN provider.has accused David of having control over the network for 6 weeks, but they say they had been alerted to the intrusion within 48hrs and had the AFP monitoring Davids movements. Here we go, 10 full armed police raiding a hacker…. proof its over kill. Now a couple of videos, this is NSW police attempting to explain this…. load of BS.

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