Australian man sentenced for inciting others in #OpAustralia has been following the case of Australian Mathew Hutchison, who was charged with inciting Indonesian members of Anonymous to attack Australian government web sites back in November, 2013. As reported previously, Hutchison pled guilty to one count of incitement and one count of possession of an illegal weapon (a laser pointer). Earlier this month, caught up with Hutchison for an update while he awaited sentencing.

This week, Hutchison was sentenced by Judge Misso to a two-year community corrections order. In addition to the standard order, Hutchison must also be supervised by corrections, must complete and attend programs to reduce the likelihood of re-offending, and must complete 100 hours of community service.

Given that Hutchison faced jail time for the crimes, this might be viewed as getting off lightly, but the costs he’s incurred – financially and socially – cannot be ignored, nor the fact that he will likely carry this record with him as he goes forward in life.

Hopefully, though, the sentence will enable him to start to turn his life around a bit.

When you get a second chance, take it.


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