Australian & New Zealand Based Sites Hacked, Data Leaked

9y97lg8rkgdk7du1u20e Over the past few weeks we have seen a fairly new anonymous based operation take place. As a result we have seen many government based websites defaced and even data from well known ISP AAPT leaked, Apart from the attacks by anonymous for this operation there has been a few other attacks that have all resulted in user credentials being leaked. The attacks which have been on Australian and New Zealand based websites have come with no exact reasoning but given the recent focus on Australia is no wonder we have started to see more cyber attacks happen here. The first website happened last week on the 25th of june and it appeared to be on which is a visitor and locals information base with events and other related things in one easy place. The leak contained only a few administration credentials with emails and encrypted passwords and was carried out by SecretLulz. Archive. The next attacks were carried out over the 29th/30th of June and 3 sites, 1 Australian and 2 new Zealand based websites  had user and administration credentials leaked. The next site is which is a showcase of luxury homes from around Australia and the leak contains over 500 accounts with emails and passwords which are encrypted as well as very basic credit card information which can not be used. The attack was carried out by Anonymous Australia hacktivist #Doktorbass who has been leaking a fair bit of data from a variety of sites recently. The first New Zealand based site was which is a long running organisation to help prevent harm to all animals. The leaked data contains users and administration accounts with emails and encrypted passwords totalling 15 and was carried out by SecretLulz. Archive Christchurch Top 10 Holiday Park( was also hacked with just over 50 accounts with user names, emails and encrypted passwords being leaked. This attack was carried out by Crazy3xploit. Archive The most recent one comes from #doktorbass and the site australian based and is Gold coast based dataing website The leak contains usernames and clear text passwords totalling 500. Archive. All leaks have been archived and any breached emails have been processed by for safe searching, use this feature if you fear your or your familys/friends accounts have been breached. List of Australian and New Zealand based websites.

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