Australian police secret agents exposed in Colombian data leak by Guacamaya

For the past few weeks, @Chum1ng0 has been reporting on the Guacamaya hacktivists’ activities. They have already caused some consternation and problems in Mexico and Chile.  Now there is an even more concerning aspect to the leaks.

Bill Toulas reports:

Identities of secret agents working for the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been exposed after hackers leaked documents stolen from the Colombian government.

The leak comes from a hacktivist group called Guacamaya and includes more than five terabytes of classified data, including emails, documents, and methods AFP agents were using to stop drug cartels from running their business in Australia.

Details exposed this way are from 35 AFP operations, some of them still active, and also include surveillance reports from agents, phone tap recordings, and payroll data for Colombian officers.

Read more at BleepingComputer.

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