Australian, Railcorp sells customers personal information at auctions

Railcorp, an Australian, NSW state owned company that is meant to service us with public transport, that being trains. Every year hundreds of thousands of people travel on the trains and many of them loose stuff only to be put in Lost and found bins. In modern day times these lost and found bins tend to have stuff like USB sticks and flash cards with peoples personal information and data on them. In one of the latest stuff ups by the NSW state, they have put them up for sale in its yearly lost and found sale. So really Railcorp? who and what the hell said this is alright, its clearly a invasion of privacy to your customers and that alone is breaking the laws that the "state" is meant to impose?. Im sure over the next weeks we will hear more of this as railcorp issues don’t ever get fixed fast, much like their train services. source

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