Australian, Thailand Government and business sites hacked and defaced

hacked-by-algerian-to-the-core A hacker using the handle Algerian To The Core has posted a paste to pastebin in the last 24hrs that contains a list of sites they have hacked and defaced. The sites start of with a single Australian government website which appears to be a subdomain for the official land exchange program site by the Victorian government ( Other sites include a heap from the Thailand government as well as business and private sites from Israel, Europe and other countries The defacement has no real message and at time of publishing the sites all appeared to be still defaced and most likely will be as its Easter weekend now across the world. The defacement did have a embedded YouTube song titled "ALGERIE 650 OTAGES LIBRE" which can be found here. ### Sites breached:




Mirrors can be found on the original paste on pastebin.

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