Austrian TV users’ bank account data acquired by hackers

Associated Press reports:

The Austrian authority that collects state television fees from customers says hackers have stolen 214,000 data files from its server, including 96,000 containing sensitive bank account information.

GIS says the cyberattack by a group identifying itself as “AustrAnon” occurred Friday. It said Monday that it has started informing customers whose data has been stolen and is taking steps to improve security.

Austrian state television is partially funded by viewers’ fees.

The culprits are believed to be linked to the loosely knit hacker group “Anonymous,” known for cyberattacks worldwide.

AP seems to have gotten the name of the group wrong, as the associated Twitter account is @AnonAustria.

Monsters and Critics also covers the hack, reporting from DPA:

In an online statement, AnonAustria said its cyber raid was not intended to harm ORF customers, but highlight the broadcaster’s lax security.

‘Such sensitive data must not be stored over many years and must not be so easily available to everyone,’ the group said.

The Mr. Cracker site adds:

GIS spokesman Herbert Denk said. “We have already started to inform all the clients concerned personally and advise them to monitor especially closely all their bank account movements,”

The federal security and counter-terrorism bureau (BVT) was investigating the attack and planned to file a complaint against unknown persons, GIS added.


For more background on this group, see the Austria Independent.

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