Feb 252018

Blake Deshazo reports:

Personal and financial information of current and former employees of Wallace Community College Selma has been accidentally leaked through a phishing scam, according to an attorney representing the school.

Alex Walker, an attorney with Mullen Coughlin, a law firm that specializes in cybersecurity and data privacy, said on Feb. 5 an employee with the college released W-2 forms after receiving an email posing as someone with the college requesting the information.

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Feb 252018

Mary Katherine Wildeman and Lauren Sausser report:

Thirteen employees were fired in 2017 from the Medical University of South Carolina after administrators determined they had broken federal law by using patient records without permission, spying on patient files or disclosing private information.

Some of these privacy breaches involved high-profile patients.

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Feb 242018

Martha Stoddard reports that the Nebraska legislature passed LB 757 on a 46-0 vote.

The measure requires any individual or commercial entity holding personal information to implement and maintain security procedures. The same requirement would apply if the information is given to a third party.

If a breach does occur, LB 757 would prohibit credit reporting entities from charging affected consumers to place, temporarily lift or remove security freezes.

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Feb 242018

KHOU reports:

Information about City of Houston employees’ health insurance may have been compromised after an employee’s laptop computer was stolen.

City officials say the laptop was stolen from the employee’s car on Feb. 2. They say the password-protected computer may have contained city employees’ records, including names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and other medical information.

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Feb 232018

Herald Tribune reports:

On Tuesday, School District of Manatee County officials will ask the school board to approve a $300,000 settlement to a class action lawsuit being brought by school district employees who say they suffered damages from a massive data breach last January.

On Jan. 26, 2017 a payroll employee responded to an email phishing scam and released the W2 tax information of the district’s entire 7,700-employee workforce.

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