Auto Dress Hacked, 1800+ Credentials leaked by Group Hp-Hack

auto-dress An after market automotive accessories website has become victim to a data leak this weekend. The hackers who go by the group handle of Group Hp-Hack posted the leak to and announced it over twitter but have since had the twitter account suspended. The announcement did state there was over 19,000 accounts but its come clear there is no where near that amount in the paste provided. is the website and is Russian based and appears to specialize in making after market trim and interior accessories for a range of cars and is registered under a company named Ural-avtochekhly LLC, The data leak was posted in raw extraction format which we normally see from simple SQLi attacks but this is not confirmed. The data from the leak is just over 1,800 user accounts with user names, email addresses and mixed clear text and encrypted passwords. In the release notes they have stated the attack has been done "for the lulz" and left this small message as well.

Note: If you can read this u can call urself 1337 Hacked By Group Hp-Hack W3 4R3 TH3 N3W LULZSEC 0F T3H W3B M0R3 LULZ 15 C0MM1NG S00N F33L TH3 LULZ B1TCH3S

At time of publishing the hackers had still not returned my message in relation to why they had been suspended on twitter, but no doubt its got something to do with posting leaks of data as we have seen many times in the past.

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