Automotive Giant Audi Hacked, 2000+ Account Credentials leaked by Xc0unt3r

audi_logo A hacker who uses the handle Xc0unt3r has recently posted a leak from another Automotive Giant, this time its Audi.

Audi has been a majority owned (99.55%) subsidiary of Volkswagen Group since 1966, following a phased purchase of AUDI AG’s predecessor, Auto Union, from Daimler-Benz.[9] Volkswagen relaunched the Audi brand with the 1965 introduction of the Audi F103 series.

The leaked data comes from the Audi Switzerland main official site which is a apart of the Audi Auto group ( and was posted to facebook with a tag relating to cyberwarnews. xc0unt3r-audi-ch-breached-cyber-war-news-database-leaked The leaked data as you can see was uploaded to and contains well over 2000 accounts from users registered to the websites services. The credentials leaked contain full names, user names. email addresses and passwords which are encrypted and a total of 2832 have been leaked but 507 of them have duplicated emails leaving 2325 credentials. The duplication are most likely users who have registered and forgotten their login at some stage. The leaked data also contains basic server and database connection information from which the hacker had obtained this data from. As stated in just the last article more and more automotive websites are becoming victim to hacking and data leaks or defacement as time goes on and its only going to get worse for them if they do not start practicing real security within the systems they own.

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