Automotive Giant Subaru, Suzuki, FORD, Toyota Ssangyong Hacked and Defaced

content/images/gallery/random3/q8-spy.png One of the worlds largest car maker Subaru Also one of the oldest car makers FORD and also a smaller car maker Ssangyong and various other dealer sites have been hacked by a hacker using the handle Q8 Spy. The hacks have left 1 Subaru sites, 2 Ssangyong sites 1 Kawasaki site , 1 ford site , 1 Suzuki site, 1 Toyota site and 1 KIA site hacked and defaced all of which at time of publishing appeared to be repaired but no doubt they have no secured their servers properly. The Subaru, ssangyong, ford, sites that have been hacked are from Czech Republic and Slovakia the Kawasaki site is from Philippines and are the official sites for them country’s. Funny enough the ford site features a well known ford logo that’s being "pissed on" by a hater.. content/images/gallery/random3/q8-spy.png The other defaced sites are part of a dealership that’s based in Czech Republic that’s named emilfrey and the defaced sites belong to makers Kia, Toyota, Suzuki and yeah another ssangyong site.

About Emil Frey Emil Frey CR belongs to the Swiss group Emil Frey AG, which has since 1924 gradually in six European countries.

The defaced Main sites are: target: mirror: target: mirror: target: mirror: target: mirror: target: mirror: The links to the dealer’s sites are: target:  mirror: target:  mirror: target: mirror: target: mirror:

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