Avast Germany Hacked & 20,000 Credentials leaked with payment information

avastlogo Its that time of the month again when Turkish Ajan hacker group member contacts me with a leak from a high profile target, this time the target is Avast. The avast site is the German based .de domain which is the official GMBH based site (https://www.avadas.de/) for all avast related products and partner programs. The attack was announced to me via twitter by Maxn3y who has left the Main avast site defaced and now its offline with only a basic text cache working. The attack has also seen a dump of data from the sites database which contains what appears to be a incomplete configuration file for the shop.avadas.de domain with included paypal payment system information.  It also has complete administration login details with encrypted passwords. The main chunk of user logins is from the sites community forums and its shop systems which contain just over 20,000 accounts with full credentials that include encrypted passwords, emails, user names, account related information as well as, sadly; complete bank and payment details which appear to be in clear text. The leaked data was uploaded to speedyshare.com and is a 3.7MB compressed rar file that contains 5 text files and 1 xls file. avast-de_-rar-contents Mirrors of the defaced domains can be found below but in all the main site and 4 Official sub domains appear to of been breached. The defacement has no real message and is a common one from Turkish Ajan Hacker Group turkish-ajan-bazen-birseyleri-degistirmek-gerekir Sites defaced: 1. https://avadas.de mirror
2. https://service.avadas.de mirror
3. https://forum.avadas.de mirror
4. https://typo3.avadas.de  mirror
5. https://kundencenter.avadas.de/index.html  mirror

At time of publishing the main site was still offline. Due to the nature of this content i will not be linking to this data. A full analyst will be provided in a few days time.

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