Avast Reseller, Help-pcs.com hacked by @TheCrowsCrew

300x-logo-hp A pc help website who appears to be a dedicated authorized reseller of avast security products has been hacked. The website is Help-pcs.com and it has been left in a defaced state by the @TheCrowsCrew and the announcement of the deface comes from the founder of The Crows Crew @catalyst71_RJA it on twitter. > avast.help-pcs.comReseller Avast Antivirus Got [email protected]thehackersnews @cyber_war_news @thecrowscrew — catalyst71 (@catalyst71_RJA) January 17, 2013

the-crows-crew It appears the complete site has been defaced as all sub domains show the main page and at time of publishing it was still defaced. It is also a bit of a worry that these company’s will take peoples money but will not secure there own service or website. Just makes you wonder how dedicated they really are to the security and PC scene.

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