AVX Corporation Hacked, 2900+ Accounts leaked by #Anonymous for

greenseclulzsubAnonymous Operation OpColtan and @OpGreenRights has been going for some time now with some high profile targets like Intel already being attacked. Today Anonymous have announced another attack in the name of this operation and this time its on a Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Components AVX Corporation (www.avx.com).

Anonymous ‏@OpGreenRights LEAKS #OpColtan AVX HACKED – a huge list from AVX corp. LINKs : https://goo.gl/7bj7o https://privatepaste.com PRESS: https://nopaste.me/raw/818821826503ab90140780.txt

The attack has left over 2900 of the sites clients details exposed and now leaked to the internet. the leak has been posted to privatepaste and a pastebin on the tor network and contains the following message.

OperationGreenRights OpColtan phase II Press AVX AVX It’s a big firm wich produce ceramic and tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, resistors and integrated passive components. AVX was directly involved in Congo war of 1998. UN accused AVX, and many other firms to be interested in illegal coltan extraction and war in DRC ( Democratic Repubblic of Congo ) Usually Coltan was stealed by war groups from Congo mines and carried out to the firms. Million of people lost their lives in Congo war, nature was destroied in order to dig coltan and a lots of gorillas were killed. Unfortunatelly UN decided to abandon the case and never punish the responsibles of the war an nature devastation. Coltan, and more other minerals, are digged whith bare hands with an exhausting and unsafe work. Coltan is quite radioactive so miners have terrible illness. Also a commitee by the english government called RAID collected imputations against TRAXYS and other firms involved in Congo war. Mrs Feeney was an important member of RAID’s committee. She said that UN received strong pressures from USA and other counrties in order to stop the trial,she also said that the accuses were true. So,now in 2012 the situation in Congo is not far from 1998. A civil war has grew up in Kivu, east Congo, in 2012 and it’s due to the warlord Mr.Ntaganda formerly involved in 1998 war for coltan. We underline that Kivu in very rich in coltan mines. So we know that AVX was directly involved in Congo’s war in 1998 but no one force them to pay for their crimes and in 2012 no one can guarantee that AVX is not taking coltan from Congo’s war areas. AVX and other involved firms published an ethical code in 2010; they claim that they don’t get tantalium from war areas. NOW a new civil war is growing up in Congo and is totally hypocrite to share DRC in different areas in order to say that some of these are war free. AVX, UN trial refused to punish you, but operationgreenrights doesn’t forget. AVX, is the time to pay for your crimes, the trial is the whole mankind. We release the dump of database from www.avx.com so that everyone can investigate in order to proof your misdeeds. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We don’t forget. We don’t forgive. Except us!

The leak contains full database information, usernames, emails and other personal information as well as passwords which are encrypted. The leak has been processed by ozdc.net https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3092 https://privatepaste.com/7f1fb96254

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