Axios Italia hit; thousands of schools potentially impacted

Andrea Grassi reports:

One of the most used electronic register applications by Italian schools, Axios RE, is offline from the night of Friday 2 to Saturday 3 April due to a ransomware attack. Many of the ransomware attacks strike right on weekends or at the beginning of bridges and holidays, so that the malware has more time to work and less surveillance.

Axios is among the Software as a Service platforms most used to manage attendance, judgments and communications with the families of Italian students and the problem therefore affects millions of students.

Read more on Computerworld Italy.

Axios’s updates on their web site as of this morning can be found on their site. had emailed Axios last night to ask about the ransomware, but has received no reply as yet. They do not appear to have revealed any details about the type of ransomware or amount of any ransom demand.

h/t, @amvinfe and @Chum1ng0

Update: 10:00 pm SuspectFile is now starting to dig into this incident.

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