AZ: Camp Verde Unified School District hit with ransomware attack as school year starts

Jon Hecht reports:

Camp Verde Unified School District had its first day on Monday, Aug. 5. In addition to the usual stress and confusion that can come with new students and a new school year, the district was plagued with a much more serious difficulty — their computer systems had been hacked.

On Friday, July 19, district employees booted up computers to find that the whole district’s computer system had been hit by a ransom- ware attack, making it impossible to access any of their systems. The hackers demanded digital money in order to reclaim access to their files and computers.

Read more on  From the report of how they’re doing right now, it doesn’t sound like they paid any ransom demand, but it does sound like they are glad they had cyberinsurance, which may simply mean that they were able to bring in experts to help their team. Perhaps that will be clarified in team.  Right now, they’re busy with a new school year while trying to restore systems.

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