AZ: Member’s Personal Information Found in LA Boxing Dumpster

Amanda Hernandez reports:

It’s a criminal’s dream. Hundreds of names, addresses, credit card numbers and everything else someone would need to steal your identity tossed into a dumpster.

The trash behind the LA Boxing on Warner Road in Ahwatukee held a lot of what was once inside the building from memorabilia to customers personal information.


“I can not believe that you found it in the trash that is amazing it has all my information on it, where I live direct deposit, account number,” said Genaro Fernandez, who had his information thrown away.


Employees at the LA Boxing Gym said they had no idea the forms were thrown out, adding that the gym was just taken over by corporate on Monday.

“The person who owned this business prior to us taking over at a franchise level he was a franchisee and he is no longer here and everything that was inside the offices they threw out,” said an employee.

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