AZ: More claims of credit card fraud revealed after victims eat at Glendale restaurant

Navideh Forghani reports that there is a growing number of customers reporting fraudulent use of their payment card data after eating at McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon. The fraudulent charges began weeks ago, and the problem may have occurred around Christmas week.

Unlike other cases I’ve reported on this blog, there seem to be some huge withdrawals or fraudulent bills, with one person reporting over $40,000 in fraudulent charges.



The restaurant issued a statement:

“Last week McFadden’s was made aware by a few of our valued patrons that they experienced fraudulent credit card charges after they had dined at McFadden’s. Even though the source of the fraud could not be pinpointed or confirmed to have come from McFadden’s credit card processing system, in order to ensure the security of our patron’s credit card information, we immediately took action to safeguard our credit card processing system in order to negate any possibility of a breach. On January 7th McFadden’s installed a new system and software that we have been assured has zero risk to our patrons when using their credit cards. McFadden’s remains committed to working with our valued patrons who experienced the fraudulent charges and will continue to work diligently with our banking institutions to investigate what may have happened.”

So it appears that they are not admitting that they were compromised. Have they brought in a PFI?

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