AZ: Valley restaurant dumps years worth of sensitive information in dumpster

Meredith Yeomans reports:

“Last name Taylor, first name Gary, social security number 569…“

Tom Rezler is a business owner in this Tempe shopping center and can’t believe what he recently found in nearby garbage dumpsters.

Thousands of pages of sensitive information apparently disposed of by a neighboring business called The Vine Tavern and Eatery.


The documents included people’s names, social security numbers and dates of birth from restaurant applications.

There were checks with banking information and also credit card receipts from Vine customers, receipts that revealed a person’s entire credit card number.

Tom called Tempe police, but says he was told it’s not illegal to dump such sensitive information.


If a state claims to be concerned about illegal immigrants and the use of false identity papers, wouldn’t it make sense to enact legislation requiring data protection and secure disposal of documents containing personally identifiable information?

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