B.C. civil servant accused of sending personal data to U.S. border guard

More from CanWest on a Canadian breach reported previously over on PogoWasRight.org:

A B.C. government employee under investigation for an alleged privacy breach is accused of e-mailing personal data about government clients to an American border guard in Washington state.

Government sources confirmed Friday that the employee, who works from the Lower Mainland for the Ministry of Housing and Social Assistance, allegedly used her government e-mail to send confidential data to the personal e-mail account of the border guard. She also is accused of copying the data to her own personal e-mail account during the transactions, said sources.

Exactly what information was sent, and for what purpose the border guard was using it, remains the focus of a government investigation launched last month, and made public by Victoria’s Times Colonist Friday. The investigation will also look at the employee’s e-mail history to determine if other privacy breaches occurred.

It’s believed the B.C. civil servant and border guard had some sort of personal relationship, sources said. Government officials discovered the breach after they began investigating the civil servant’s misuse of government Internet and phone services in September.

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