Babies From Abortions, Records Found in Second Michigan Center Dumpster

Steven Ertelt writes:

Local pro-life advocates in the Detroit area have found the bodies of babies killed in abortions and patient medical records in another Michigan abortion center’s dumpster. The finding comes on the hells (sic) of one abortion facility that ran afoul of illegal dumping laws and was investigated by the state.

This time, members of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society found the bodies, biohazard waste and medical records at the Women’s Advisory abortion business in Livonia.

A representative of the group, Monica Miller, told her organization found the remains of six aborted babies 16 to 20 weeks gestational age.


“Extensive bio-hazard waste and patient records were discovered there (in some ways worse than Hodari’s dumpsters) as well as in the trash container behind Sharpe’s other abortion clinic located on Warren Avenue in Detroit,” Miller told

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