Babuk re-organizes as Payload Bin, offers its first leak

At the end of April, threat actors known as Babuk indicated that they were closing up shop and switching to a different model:

Babuk changes direction, we no longer encrypt information on networks, we will get to you and take your data, we will notify you about it if you do not get in touch we make an announcement.

Also for other groups that do not have their own blog or have but they want to exert additional pressure, you can not be placed with us.

Two weeks later, they wrote:

Hello! We announce the development of something really cool, a huge platform for independent leaks, we have no rules and bosses, we will publish private products in a single information platform where we will post leaks of successful no-name teams that do not have their own blogs and names, these are not girls who run with ship like rats and change the policy of their resources. these are really strong guys.

Another loud leak awaits you within a week.

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