Backup tape lost by UPS contained sensitive info on SDRC clients

On October 13,  the  San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) notified some of their clients that a backup tape containing sensitive information had been lost.  SDRC  serves individuals with disabilities in San Diego and Imperial counties.

The tape, which contained confidential information on current and former clients, and which had somewhat ironically been created for testing disaster recovery, had been sent by UPS Overnight service to the Department of Developmental Services. The package arrived, but it was empty and UPS was unable to locate it.

The types of information on the backup tape depended on the client but could have included name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, program benefits number, health and medical diagnostic information. When the client was a minor child, the parents’ Social Security numbers were also included.

SDRC did not offer affected clients any free services (but see their budget problems, which may help explain why).

I’ve uploaded a copy of the notification letter here.

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