Bahraini websites hacked hours before parliamentary election

[N] Gulf reports:

Hackers targeted official websites in Bahrain just hours before the start of a parliamentary election on Saturday, the Interior Ministry said.

The ministry did not identify the websites targeted, but the country’s state-run Bahrain News Agency (BNA) could not be reached online, nor could the website for Bahrain’s parliament.

“Websites are being targeted to hinder the elections and circulate negative messages in desperate attempts that won’t affect the determination of citizens who will go to the polling stations,” the ministry said on its Twitter account.


Screenshots taken by internet users showed a picture after the hack claiming it was carried out by a previously unknown account called Al Toufan, or “The Flood” in Arabic.

Read more at [N] Gulf.

It’s not clear what the point of the attack or in attempting to disrupt anything as there was no opposition party or platform running in the election.

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