Bangkok Cell Towers Exploited By .c0mrade

@OfficialComrade has been at it again, this time gaining access to bangkoks cell towers. The exploit was announced yesterday via twitter.

Nasir Bin Olu ‏@OfficialComrade Cell Towers in Bangkok –  –@Cyber_War_News @BreakTheSec @DiabloAnon@TheHackersNews

The exploit release  was posted to pastebin with the following message to in relation to the recent carding scams.

Hello, folks. I want to start off by saying yes, I do think Operation Cash Shop turned out to be a huge success. If you liquidate yourself with criminal activities such as Carding, you have to accept the fact that you’re prosecutable. If not now, definitely in the future, somehow, someway; justice will be brought upon you. You can’t run from your past. Joshua Hicks was a great kid and I’m truly saddened that he partook a role in all this, he was like any modern-day teen; partying, fucking around, etc. But his past bit him in the ass. Mir Islam was amongst those affected by the Sting Operation and he was also the leader of @UGNazi. He got released on a $50,000 bond. Cosmo, I didn’t associate myself but he too was a great guy. "Why are you briefing me about this?", "I’ve already read about it…" – Thing is, I know there’s a middleman in all this. I won’t go into specifics but you know who you are and I know that you’re reading this with your hands tied thinking, "Fuck, I wish it didn’t come to this." – If you want honesty, I’ll give you honesty. You’re a crook who accepted the criminal lifestyle but not the consequences that came with it. You’re just like any modern-day Joe Blow. C.I or not, you will always be looked at as some cluster-brained crook. #FreeTriCk, #FreeMLT, #FreePhantom, #FreeJosh, #FreeJoshua, #FreeAlert, #FreeDillon

The Exploit release contains a lil snip of logs from the cell towers as well as the following messages and a link to a16mb compressed file with further logs and information.

Although the Government is blatant, mutant, deceptive and beneath the burden, we’ve decided to cut some slack to our buddies over at the Bureau’s. WINKS, Scott Augenbaum. We hope this helps you close down on some investigations. Enough with the inaugurals. It was child-play. Today, I present to you, complete access to a Cell Tower in Bangkok. To present my demonstration, I’ll be using a Bank in Bangkok as an example. Out of the Blue, into the Black. Every call made can be mined. Preceding with my demonstration, the nodes bounce off between the Cellular device and the call-center in Bangkok, then later outputting the device data wirelessly. To present my demonstration, I’ll be using a Bank in Bangkok:

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