Bangladesh Cyber Army Send out Message to Indian Government

Bangladesh Cyber Army has sent out a message to the indian government in hope to stop this on going cyber war that has been taking place for months and months now and has seen thousands of websites taken offline and or defaced and leaked. The message which comes in format of a you tube video and transcript has some very strong requests for the indian government such as Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites, Sign the “[Teesta Water Sharing Treaty](”, Stop [Tipaimukh Dam]( BCA have also Recently attacked the Indian stock exchange sites and they have given us the reasons and some insight into these attacks which may of caused another death on the boarders.
> the Indian stock exchange siteswere hacked because, after we put forward the demands, there was another death at the India-Bangladesh borders by BSF

Video of the attack on the stock exchanges.

We never wanted to do all these. We are not linked with any political entity or religious organization. We are just a group of people who want proper justice to be served. A number of media-news sites, newspapers, TV channels have been posting news which are totally false and based on absolutely nothing. Publishing of all these false news will only harm the people and create confusion. It is a kind request- "Please do not post any news without being sure about them. Ask for evidence before posting them and judge them well". Only you can present our messages to the Government. So, please, help us stop border killing by supporting us.

Transcript of main video

Greetings to the people of Bangladesh. We, Bangladesh Cyber Army, the biggest hacking and security group of Bangladesh thank all of you for your support. We also thank you for staying by our sides in this critical situation. We also thank those bloggers who are inspiring us a lot in different ways, And also our brothers, who are standing with us, shoulder-to-shoulder, working to achieve the same, common objective. Indian hackers have hacked a number of our Government sites. We know that the security of the sites are very weak, but we cannot allow them to hack these at any cost. We have been forced to act back, we had no other way with our backs against the wall. Under these circumstances, Indians have to agree to all the points as below, no matter what- 1. Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely… 2. Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders… 3. Stop Tipaimukh Dam… 4. Sign the "Teesta Water Sharing Treaty"… 5.Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India… 6. Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh… 7. Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way… If these points are not accepted, our next attacks will be much bigger. You might think we are done, but this is just the beginning. Our next targets will be Indian Financial System, Communication System and IT Sector and Stock Exchange and we promise, those sites will be destroyed. We don’t have any alliance with any political entity or organization. We do not discriminate among anyone regardless of caste, creed and religion. We are not terrorists, we are just protecting our cyber space. We hate suppression and oppression and no matter how many of us fall down in battle, Bangladeshi hackers cannot be defeated. We CAN and we WILL rise up from the ashes each time we fall. We are Bangladesh Cyber Army. United as a single ONE, Divided by Zero. Don’t expect forgiveness, Don’t expect to be forgotten. India, Here we come.

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