Bangladeshi Air force Recruitment Site hacked, Accounts Leaked By @1923Turkz

join-bangladesh-air-force The Bangladeshi Air force Official Recruitment website has just been hacked and as a result administrator accounts have been leaked. The attack comes from Turkish hackers @1923Turkz who over the past few days has been on a spree of leaks from all different sites spread across many different country’s. The Air Force Recruitment website ( is the official one for the Bangladeshi Air force which hosts information about joining them and services to do so. The leak was announced  from the @1923Turkz Twitter account and has been posted to> Bangladesh Air Force DB Hacked… @cyber_war_news @ehackernews @zer0security @hnbulletin @thehackersmedia — 1923Turk (@1923Turkz) May 20, 2013

The leaked data contains 19 administrator account details which belong to the sites core administrators and have email addresses as well as encrypted passwords. The attack has been carried out for what the hackers have said is "Patriotism" is the reason behind this breach and leak. The emails from the leak belong to the domain so no doubt this attack has left other sites exposed now if these passwords get decrypted which could cause a bigger problem for them. The attack has been carried out and proven by way of a SQL injection that was the result of the site not filtering certain requests to it. database-errorFollow them on twitter for on going breaches or see other breaches by the hackers here.

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