Bank of America website exposes customer accounts, data

Ray Wert reports on Jalopnik that Bank of America’s online banking system experienced a security breach or glitch that enabled logged in users to see other people’s accounts:

Someone very close to me called moments ago and told me that when she logged into her Bank of America account earlier this evening she saw, rather than her credit card account, the mortgage and home equity account of someone else. That’s right, Bank of America was showing her, instead of her own credit card account, the accounts for a Bank of America account holder in Randolph, NJ. The only similarity between the two? The same last name.


The person I spoke with immediately called Bank of America, and was told that although they knew of the problem, they didn’t they yet know what was causing the problem, and despite having known about it for over a half an hour, they had not shut down online access. One hour later, my source tells me she still has access to the other party’s account information.

The online banking access to at least one affected account was subsequently blocked, but the writer was not sure whether all of online banking was unavailable.

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