Bank of Ireland loses thousands of customer records reports:

Four laptops containing personal details of 10,000 people have been stolen from the Bank of Ireland (BOI). The Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland is investigating the thefts.

Data on the four laptops is not thought to have been encrypted, and BOI will now begin a process of encryption of data on its laptops.

As well as names, addresses and financial details of customers the computers contained some medical records because they were part of the bank’s life assurance business.

Though the thefts of the laptops occurred last year between June and October the Data Protection Commissioner was not told until last Friday morning. The Commissioner has launched an investigation.

“The investigation will focus on the justification for the personal data, including sensitive medical data in some cases, being placed on the laptops in the first place, the security arrangements in place and the exact circumstances which led to the delay in the reporting of this matter internally within the Bank of Ireland to the appropriate personnel for the taking of further action,” said a statement from the Commissioner.

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