Banks starting to report breach at unnamed processor

In an earlier post, I questioned whether banks were just sitting on the breach at the as-yet-unnamed processor. According to a spokesperson from the New York State Consumer Protection Board:

While some banks have reported this breach, the CPB awaits formal notification pursuant to New York State law. Until such time as we can review the filing, we do not know the full extent of its affect on New York consumers. Meanwhile, we understand that some banks and financial institutions have already begun to issue new credit cards to those affected, and the CPB applauds this action. As with all data breaches, the CPB encourages full transparency on behalf of consumers to protect their personal identifiable information and avoid the prospect of identity theft. We continue to watch this breach and review all notifications sent to us in accordance with the law.

If banks are beginning to notify consumers and replace cards, that’s good news, indeed, for consumers, although they may understandably feel battle-weary if they also received notification due to the Heartland breach.

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