Baptist Medical Center and Resolute Health Hospital notifying patients after malware attack snagged patient data

Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio and Resolute Health Hospital in New Braunfels have disclosed a cyberattack involving unspecified malicious code that infected their system.

According to statements made by IDX on their behalf, an unauthorized party accessed and exfiltrated data from their network between March 31, 2022 and April 24.  The attack was first detected on April 20.

Patient information involved may have included:

  • full name, date of birth, and address
  • Social Security number
  • health insurance information, such as the name of insurer/government payor and the policy and/or group number
  • medical information, such as medical record numbers, dates of service, provider and facility names, chief complaint or reason for a visit, and other visit procedure and diagnosis information
  • billing and claims information, such as account and claim status, billing and diagnostic codes, and payor information

Not all data elements were involved for all individuals.

You can read the full notification with mitigation advice and an FAQ on the incident at

The notification does not mention whether there has been any ransom or extortion demand nor whether any systems were encrypted. As of the time of this publication, there has been no mention of this incident on any dark web leak site. Nor has the incident yet shown up on HHS’s public breach tool, so we do not yet know the total number of patients being notified.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Update 1:  Baptist Medical reported the incident to the Texas AG’s office as impacting 1,201,647 Texas residents.  Resolute Health reported it as impacting 52,887 Texas residents. We still do not have total numbers, though.

Update 2:  Baptist Medical reported the incident to HHS on June 15 as impacting 1,243,031 patients, total. Resolute reported it the same day as impacting 54,239 patients.

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