Beaches, carnivals and cybercrime: a look inside the Brazilian underground

Fabio Assolini authored an interesting report on Brazilian cybercrime that begins:

The Brazilian criminal underground includes some of the world’s most active and creative perpetrators of cybercrime. Like their counterparts in China and Russia, their cyberattacks have a strong local flavor. To fully understand them you need spend time in the country and understand its language and culture.

The Brazilian underground generates quite a lot of cyberthreats – mainly banking Trojans and phishing campaigns. These attacks can be quite creative and are designed to reflect the local landscape. In 2014, Brazil was ranked the most dangerous country for financial attacks, and the Brazilian banking Trojan, the ChePro family, was ranked the second most widespread Trojan after ZeuS.

You can access the full report on SecureList or download Kaspersky’s full report in .pdf here.

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