Before you leave for the holiday weekend, if you haven’t left already…

The government issued a warning this week reminding people that threat actors are likely to attack when entities are short-staffed due to weekends or holidays.

Brett Callow posted an interesting graphic on Twitter that may help drive that point home:

[Image credit for above: The data in “Mondays” is from ID Ransomware, which is a project of Michael Gillespie.  The annotations were added by Callow on behalf of Emsisoft.]

Callow called special attention to the increased risk for school districts who are first re-opening for the school year in many areas, noting that threat actors wait until schools are about to re-open or are first re-opening so that there is more devastation from their attack and more pressure on districts to pay ransom:

So before you head out for the holiday weekend, have you at least ensured that you have a working offline backup in case everything goes south in a hurry?

Enjoy your holiday!

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