Bell Internet Hacked, 40,000 Customer Credentials leaked by @NullCrew_FTS

newbelllogo Today the official NullCrew has returned to the hack scene with a leak of data from Bell Internet ( after about 12months away. > Bell Canada has been one of Canada’s most important and most powerful companies, and in 1975 was listed as the fifth largest in the country. The company is named after the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, who also co-founded the parent Bell Telephone Company in Boston, Massachusetts wiki.

The leak has only just been published to the official null crew website ( and is a 3.5MB txt file with mixed formatted database dump.

Well now, hello there; everyone! We’d like to give a shout-out to the beautiful people over at . First of all, asking a hacker their providence made all of us lolololol! Go fuckin figure, people who are suppose to provide secure connection to the internet?.. They can’t secure themselves, and with that said?

the leak contains client login information with Email addresses, user ID’s, encrypted passwords as well as some other clients partial credit card information. break down of the data: 1. 12,708 User credentials with mixed user names/email addresses and passwords
2. 28,602 user names and passwords which user names are partially mixed with users email addresses.
3. 1,511 fax account users credentials with email addresses, user names, passwords and other related information.
4. 1,531 credentials from a mitigation database
5. There is also modem passwords, service plan credentials with user name and passwords as well a total of 127 partial credit card details.

it appears up until now bell has stay clear of big breaches and leaks like this specially ones that have been done by a simple SQL injection to a failed system that contains customer credentials like this.

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