Ben & Jerry’s security glitch exposes personal details

Claire Woffenden reports:

Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has apologised after an embarrassing security blunder exposed the names and addresses of more than 2,500 online customers.

The mistake was discovered by Web User reader Julee de Jong after a simple search for her name on search engine Google.

One of the top results for her name linked to a PDF containing an order she had placed in 2009 for tickets to the Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Festival in London.

The PDF included her full name and postal address. From this PDF, she could gain access to a file containing order documents for over 2,500 Ben & Jerry’s customers for items ranging from festival tickets to lip balms and ice cream vouchers. All orders included a full name and delivery address.

Read more on Web User.

As breaches go, this one isn’t a big deal. But if it was a B&J flavor, what flavor would it be?

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