Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign sues the DNC

It wouldn’t be a presidential campaign without at least one data leak, right?

So a contractor screws up, allowing Sanders’ staffers to access Clintons’ data on potential voters. Clinton campaign alleges the data were “stolen.” The DNC cuts off the Sanders’ campaign access to their own potential voter data. And in tonight’s chapter, the Sanders campaign sues the DNC for breach of contract.

Alex Seitz-Wald and Monica Alba report:

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign sued the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Friday evening, alleging a breach of contract.

The suit is the latest and most explosive development in a dust-up involving the DNC and the party’s top two presidential candidates. It stems from a security breach Wednesday when a bug allowed Sanders staffers to access data belonging to the campaign of rival Hillary Clinton.

Documents obtained and reviewed by NBC News appear to show that at least four individuals affiliated with the Sanders campaign conducted searches and saved the Clinton campaign’s lists of potential voters over a period of more than 40 minutes.

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