Big Tree Solutions data breach affected those who ordered online from restaurants (update 1)

Yesterday, in commenting on the Bike Waiter breach, I wisely thought to contact Big Tree Solutions to inquire whether any of their other clients were affected by the breach reported by Bike Waiter.

Big Tree Solutions did not respond to my e-mail inquiry, but today, I find that San Diego-based Bring It To Me is also notifying customers of a breach involving Big Tree Solutions. As with the Bike Waiter report, the breach occurred between October 14, 2013 and January 13, 2014.

Like Bike Waiter, Bring It To Me allows customers to order online from restaurants and have the meals delivered to them. Bring It To Me provides menus from 49 San Diego restaurants.

So how many other Big Tree Solutions clients have been affected by this breach? I’ve sent an e-mail to in Georgia, Triangle Food Guy in South Carolina, and in Texas to inquire whether they, too, were affected by this breach, and will update this post as more information becomes available, but note that there are many Big Tree Solutions clients and I cannot contact all of them.

Update 1: Triangle Food Guy says they were not affected by the breach. I’ve sent a second request to Big Tree Solutions asking for a statement about the scope of this breach.

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