Bike Waiter warns customers of security breach

Neal Morton reports:

The credit card information of some of the Bike Waiter‘s customers may have been exposed as the result of a privacy breach, the meal delivery service said Tuesday in an email to customers.

Shane Broussard, president of Bike Waiter LLC, did not disclose exactly how many customers might be affected, but in his email said the company’s online ordering software provider informed Bike Waiter that an “unauthorized user” may have obtained new payment card information entered between Oct. 14 and Jan. 13.


According to the email, vendor BigTree Solutions corrected an “unauthorized modification” to their online ordering software and added new systems “to prevent this from happening again.”

Read more on MySA. I had never heard of Bike Waiter before, but it seems they allow you to place online orders from dozens of restaurants in San Antonio and St. Louis.

I’ve sent an inquiry to the vendor inquiring whether other clients have also been affected, and will update this post when I get a response or more information.


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