Bill Passed in Maryland Aims to Ensure Medical Privacy

WHAG reports:

Even confidential medical records may not be completely confidential.

Currently, insurance policy holders have access to patient care information via an insurance bill that is mailed home, which can put many people who are in abusive situations at risk.

[…] But as of February 3, the Maryland General Assembly updated Bill 790, making Maryland the first state to provide patients a form ensuring confidentiality. It allows for patients to have their medical bill sent to another address that doesn’t belong to the policy holder.

This would allow people in abusive relationships, or who otherwise don’t want someone to know they are seeking treatment from a doctor, to keep their information private.

Read more on WHAG.

Sounds good, but couldn’t it also make it harder to detect that there’s been medical ID theft if the bills are diverted from your address to the thief’s mail drop?

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