Bitcoin Baron tells Moore, Oklahoma: Thanks for letting me into your system. Now pay me.

The “Bitcoin Baron” has demanded the city Moore in Oklahoma send 100 bitcoins to protect data that Bitcoin Baron claims to have acquired. The hacker informs

Hacked into the systems of City of Moore and planted a virus inside their system and obtained files that is quite interesting if I might say and I
doubt they want me to have them either.

The reason for the attack, Bitcoin Baron says, is the city’s decision to defend two officers involved in the Warren Theatre case.

Bitcoin Baron also uploaded this to YouTube: was unable to contact the city, as their web site appears down at this time. Bitcoin Baron had reported it down 10 hours earlier: is trying to learn what types of data – and how much – Bitcoin Baron claims to have. This post will be updated if/when more information becomes available.

Update 1: Bitcoin Baron informs that what was obtained was personnel’s information and that citizens’ information was not collected.

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