“Bitcoin Baron” vows cyber attack for dismissal of charges against Detroit policeman who killed 7-year-old

The hacker who self-identifies as “Bitcoin Baron” has been busy. In addition to attacking the city of Moore in Oklahoma over the city’s decision to defend two officers involved in the Warren Theatre case, threats have also been made against the Wayne County, Michigan court computers.

Gus Burns reports:

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Gray Hathaway dismissed a manslaughter charge against Detroit Police Officer Joseph Weekley in October for lack of evidence.

At the request of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, she dismissed a second misdemeanor county of careless discharge of a weapon causing death in January.

A computer hacker calling himself the Bitcoin Baron is unhappy about the decision and has vowed to attack Wayne County court computers in a YouTube video posted Thursday.

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“Bitcoin Baron” has previously claimed responsibility for attacks on Columbia, Missouri and KOMU as well as the City of San Marcos (Texas) and San Marcos Police Department websites.

As in the Wayne County threat, the San Marcos attacks were conducted as retribution for specific government deeds or misdeeds. That there have been two such threats within one week (Wayne County and Moore, Oklahoma) suggests things may be escalating and we may see more of these reports in the near future.  The Moore, Oklahoma case included a payment demand, however, an element that does not appear to be the case in the Wayne County threats.

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