BitQuick Shuts Down After Security Breach; Seeks New Management (updated)

From EconoTimes:

BitQuick, a leading P2P trading platform, recently announced that it shut down its server following an attack that gave the attacker unauthorized administrative access. However, all funds, IDs and emails remain secured.

“The breach was immediately noticed, and the server was shutdown to prevent any further damage. We are still performing a formal investigation to determine the attack vector, and specifically what information was obtained from the server. Due to additional security mechanisms in place, no funds were taken, and all ID’s (driver’s licenses, passports, etc.) and emails remain secured”, BitQuick said in an online post.

Read more on EconoTimes.

Update, Mar. 19: Although the EconoTimes had quoted a statement in BitQuick’s post that said, “We’re looking for passionate and talented individuals or corporations to take ownership and continue growth with the same high standards we’ve always provided for our users”, it appears that BitQuick subsequently and silently deleted that statement from the statement on their site. Thanks to Catalin Cimpanu for calling that to my attention.

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