Bits ‘n Pieces

In the justice system:

  • Regina Tolliver, formerly employed by the Citizens Bank branch in King of Prussia, was convicted on all counts alleging that she stole the information of seven customers. She had been indicted (pdf) in January 2008. More.
  • Richard J. Berger faces five years in prison for accessing sensitive customer information for SunLife and The Hartford. According to court documents, he accessed and used social security numbers, birth dates and contract numbers to reach customers at SunLife and the Hartford and convince them to transfer their annuity accounts to another insurance carrier. More.
  • Harry Temple pleaded guilty to possessing devices used to steal debit card data and has been sentenced to four years in prison for placing the skimmers on automated teller machines at two gas stations in Metairie. More.
  • Police seized truckloads of merchandise that they say was paid for by two men using stolen credit card information. Investigators say Davit Kudugulyan and Arytun Khoudagoulian were using at least one of their businesses to steal people’s secret financial information. Those businesses, which police are withholding the names of as their investigation continues, have been shut down. More.

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