Bits ‘n Pieces

In the justice system:

  • Lloyd Barkley pleaded no contest to charges he collaborated with Atin Singh and his wife in a plot to steal customer data from an unnamed Indian restaurant where Singh worked; the fake credit cards were then used at a local Safeway. More.
  • Jorge Ignacio Lozano Apodaca and Angel Ernesto Zapien Del Rio have admitted to purchasing thousands of dollars in pre-paid cell phone credits using fraudulent credit cards, according to court documents. More.
  • A federal judge isentenced Deniz Novo to two years in prison and then two years’ probation for using a false identity and another person’s Social Security number to obtain a driver’s license in her home state. More.
  • Adrian Rosario and his uncle Gerardo Rosario were indicted on charges that they stole customer information from an unnamed Somerset car dealership to fraudulently obtain credit cards. More.
  • Police are looking for Sheila Rodgers Cudgel for ID theft. Among the charges: opening a credit account with a doctor and obtaining $10,500 worth of rhinoplasty surgery (nose job). More.

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